Top one hundred Salsa Dance Songs - A Dancer's Perspective (Portion I)

Published: 27th June 2011
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The feet commence transferring... and no make a difference how mindful of folks staring at you, that you are, you just can't aid but transfer your ft (and get misplaced in that rhythm!).

Then, there are those DJs that don't comprehend the audio or the words, substantially significantly less the meaning or sensation , of the songs. The form of DJs that possibly play the exact same songs more than and above, in the exact same sequence even, every single time they DJ at an function/club. OR even even worse, the sort that seems like they just stopped at the nearby Starbucks, observed a salsa CD in between the Frank Sinatra and the Yoga Relaxation Jazz CDs and determined... "sounds good, I'll play that all night".

As an "Previous Style" salsa dancer, whom understands what the singer is singing (and his "soneos" [improvisations]), that things just thoroughly turns my salsa joy dial, virtually, all the way down, as disappointment sets in, longing to listen to any of the prime 100 salsa dance songs as a substitute.

What you will discover, under, is a list I have compiled of the top rated 100 salsa dance songs that are becoming played by DJs all more than the entire world. It is a compilation of the most typical songs observed on DJ site and posts from all through the entire world. I invested 2 months studying, asking issues and listening to every single song to demonstrate it's validity (It started as a listing of 500 but I've taken out all Cha-cha's and some Merengues that sneaked their way in). I also broke the record down to 5 top rated a hundred salsa dance songs lists. Keep in brain, there are several a lot more than these best 100 salsa dance songs out there These are just THE ones, DJs all above the world have chosen (to publish, at minimum), according to my study as well as a handful of of my very own, that I play when DJing. Also, they are in alphabetical order and NOT in buy of recognition or dance-power. If you would like to submit YOUR prime songs for consideration for this checklist, leave us a comment with your recommendations.

Here's the best 100 salsa dance songs...

|Title| Artist| Album| Duration|

|one-800- Quiereme| Luisito Rosario| Rumba Del Barrio| 4:06|

|1-800-Quiereme ( Remix)| Luisito Rosario| Rumba Del Barrio| 5:02|

|A Bailar Pa' Dentro| Orquesta La Solucion| Pa' Bailar| 4:23|

|A Cali| Conjunto Clásico| Felicitaciones| three:sixteen|

|A Él| Oscar D'León| Éxitos De Con La Critica| 3:47|

|A Golpe De Folklore| Grupo Area of interest| A Golpe De Folklore| 4:59|

|A Gozar| Josť Alberto "El Canario"| Sueno Contigo| three:34|

|A la hora que me Llamen Voy| Candido Fabre| 4:30|

|A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy| Josť Alberto "El Canario"| On Time| five:11|

|A La Memoria Del Muerto| Fruko y Sus Tesos| 4:22|

|A Mi Me Huele| Orquesta Mulenze| Salsa Fiesta!| 4:eleven|

|A Mi Suegro (Don Pedrito)| A variety of Artists| Coleccion Estelar De Salsa Dura| three:fifty five|

|Acere Bongo| Tipica 73 | four:36|

|Avisale a mi Contrario| Grupo Mandinga| Back to the 70's| four:13|

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